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Version 1.0


  • Graphically rich
  • Stunningly sparse
  • Minimally invasive
  • Faceless—emphasis on hands
  • Many configurations & styles
  • Moveable & resizable
  • Single or multiple open clocks
  • Size & position persistent on re-launch
  • Highly optimized for low energy use
  • Built-in Apple HelpBook
  • Email support


LucidTime is a collection of elegant, large, faceless, highly customizable desktop clocks.

These are large, faceless clocks. The basic app includes 3 clocks: LucidClock, NixieClock, and SimpleClock. You see static images of these clocks on this page. On your desktop, the clock you choose appears under all windows but just above of background and icons. By default, they remain there and quietly come to the fore for a few seconds each hour.

There are many customizations possible, some of which you can see on the Gallery page.

About LucidTime

LucidTime was first conceived by accident: a wall clock in my office cubicle fell and broke. From the remains, I pinned to the cubicle wall the mechanism with its hands and then used pushpins to mark the hours.

Later, a vintage Dutch Golden Hour Clock was given to my wife and me as a wedding anniversary gift.

The final inspiration came from Transparent Clock, a widget available in the much-beloved but long-gone Konfabulator environment.

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